THIELE innovative round steel chains and forged parts products have been used in conveying and lifting technology sectors for over 75 years. A crucial part of the mining process THIELE products are used to mine hard coal, to lift, move and secure loads and to convey bulk materials.

Guaranteeing the best quality, easy handling and excellent service, THIELE German-designed and manufactured products are produced by highly-qualified engineers who specialise in developing indispensable solutions for conveying and lifting.

THIELE superior product line includes;

Roundlink chains,

Flat type chains

Super flat type chains

BIG-T chains

BROADBAND low profile chain

Chain Connectors

Flight Bars

Chain Assemblies


THIELE’s in house production operates to the highest possible quality controls ensuring that our products meet the highest demands and provide unsurpassed reliability and output.

THIELE chains, flight bars and connectors are used on AFC and BSL assemblies throughout Australia. QE Innovations is proud to represent and support THIELE throughout Australia.

To discuss your chain conveying needs please contact or go to THIELE’s website