Our team of highly skilled service engineers is available to assist mines in Queensland and NSW with their maintenance activities and processes. From audits and inspections, through to routine maintenance and equipment upgrades, our service engineers have the skills and knowledge to keep your equipment working to expectation.

QE Innovations’ service engineers are available to discuss and investigate any issue and can rely upon seasoned industry professionals, including Chartered Professional Engineers, with years of experience. In addition, the team has the passionate support of our overseas partners who manufacture the goods and are closely involved in all developments.

If you prefer to maintain the equipment using onsite tradesmen, QE Innovations can tailor and deliver a training package based on your needs. Appropriately qualified trainers, in Queensland and NSW, have a mix of qualifications, experience and training delivery to engage with the onsite team.

Safety is paramount when dealing with high pressure and regular training and refresher courses are recommended.

QE Innovations can assist with:

Maintenance activities

Process Audits


Fault finding